»O man, learn to dance,
or else the angels in heaven
will not know what to do with you.«

(St. Augustine)

In one point the holy Augustine is abundantly right: Dancing is a heavenly pleasure. There's no doubt about it, is there?

This website is about a special dance form whose roots came to Germany with the Americans about 50 years ago: American Square Dancing.

Today dancing in a square is quite different from what is was like then. The dance figures and the music have become more diversified and modern. Square dancing is a widespread activity in Germany. It is popular as a challenge for mind and body among people of all ages.

The principle is easy. Four couples dance a pattern of moves sung by a so-called ‘square dance caller’. The caller’s function is to entertain people and to enable them to dance. Joerg is a square dance caller. Every month hundreds of dancers move to a potpourri of music and singing at his numerous dances – and they all do that just for the fun of it.

On this website dancers can forage in Joerg’s schedule. Interested non-dancers will hopefully become curious about more. To them, the Augustine quote applies very well: O man, learn to dance.

In this spirit:
A warm welcome to JoergBiewald.de!