»The rhythm of my heart
is beating like a drum«

Joerg’s heart beats in the rhythm of the music. Those who know him are aware: Square dance calling is one of his greatest passions and one of the most important things in his life.

For this reason he spends the major part of his free time in his square dancing clubs and at his dances. The groups Joerg regularly calls for are Lucky Moonlight Dancers and RE-Plus in Bochum and Kohlenpott Hoppers in Dortmund. At the weekends Joerg performs at special dances all over Germany and abroad. For one of his dances he even travelled to the North of Japan in spring 2009.

In the past he called for Square Breakers in Recklinghausen and Hellweg Shufflers in Dortmund as a club caller.

Joerg’s partner Carola is an enthusiastic dancer as well. She accompanies him to his dances whenever she can.

Joerg calls the dance programs Basic, Mainstream, Plus and Advanced 1 and 2. His special interest lies in the education of new dancers. There he attaches great importance to providing his dancers with the best education possible. Therefore he once in a while tries out unconventional teaching methods.

At home Joerg spends a lot of time preparing his dance nights. It is always important for him to entertain his audience with new choreographic ideas. In 2004, for example, he concentrated on old square dance calls and revived dance figures that are danced very seldom or never these days for his dancers. In 2005 he busied himself with the secrets and the techniques of so-called ‘specialised squares’. Since then Progressive and Exploding Squares have been part of Joerg’s repertoire. In the summer of 2006 Joerg spent five weeks in Great Britain where he called more than 25 dances for clubs in all parts of the country.

Other fields of Joerg’s work remain invisible for his dancers. Joerg is an active member of the European Callers and Teachers Association (ECTA), the umbrella organisation of European square dance callers, and CALLERLAB, its American equivalent. Within these organisations Joerg supports the work of different committees, which work out choreography, develop the dance programs or make important decisions concerning the square dance activity worldwide.

Several times a year Joerg meets the callers of his area at the so-called Callerstammtisch NRW, a regional caller meeting in North Rhine-Westphalia. These meetings are, by their very nature, seminars and serve the purposes of further education and mutual exchange of opinions.

Joerg is a member of Lion Squares and Rising Generation. These youth clubs show that square dancing is great fun for people of all ages.