This is what
Joerg's dancers say...

»Great job.«
Jim, Crailsheim, Germany

»Haven't had so much fun
dancing MS and Plus for a long time«
Katja & Frank, Hamburg*

»Quite a challenge«
Volker, Dortmund, Germany

»Thanks for a gorgeous evening«
Elvi & Ingo, Bochum, Germany*

»A great party!«
Alexandra & Harald, Bensheim, Germany*

»Thank you for all the fun you gave us ...
the dance was something special!«
Moira, Bristol, UK

»It was one of the best Saturday dances
we had ever enjoyed. After the first couple
of tips we eagerly awaited to see what new
and interesting ways you would use to open
and close your hashes and singing calls!«
Barbara & Roy, Bristol, UK

»What a nice day!
We've learned so much!«
Jana, Bochum, Germany*

»A fantastic dance! Really looking
forward to dancing with you again.«
Fran, Cirencester, UK

»I really enjoyed your choice of music.
It was so fresh and vibrant.«
James, Bristol, UK

»Thanks for a
brilliant weekend in Wales!«
Andy & Issy, Bristol, UK

»Your progressive
squares - excellent!«
Helmut, Haltern am See,

»A wonderful dance«
Gittan & Manfried,
Sundsvall, Sweden

Christoph, Datteln, Germany*

»One of the best
callers I know«
Anna, Bochum, Germany*

»For me, you are among
the top ten in Germany«
Christoph, Xanten, Germany*

»An amazing weekend and
really great patter music«
Frank, Stralsund, Germany*

»Very entertaining calling.
We had a great weekend.«
Wendy & Roy, Hastings, UK

»What a party!«
Susanne, Dortmund, Germany*

»An unforgettable festivity«
Bernd, Cologne, Germany*

»Very good«
Alan, Bristol, UK

Pat, Sidmouth, UK

»Thank you for a fabulous
week and a memorable
Saturday evening«
Wendy, Axmouth, UK

Averil, Nottingham, UK

»A natural talent«
Pat & Brian, Barnstaple, UK

»A super evening -
everybody wants to know
when you're coming back«
Roger, High Wycombe, UK

»... how much we enjoyed
dancing to your calling«
Liz & Geoff, Hastings, UK

»A real highlight
for our club!«
Dieter, Hamburg, Germany*

»Absolutely brilliant!«
Hans, Vienna, Austria*

»The club evening was
simply out of this world!«
Friedel, Duesseldorf, Germany*

»How much you enjoy
helping people to dance is
written all over your face.«
Hartmut, Cologne, Germany*

»You're just great
at getting things buzzing«
Margareta, Haltern am See, Germany*

»Thanks for the wonderful
evening. It was over far too soon.«
Ingeburg, Duesseldorf, Germany*

»It's a challenge. Something
new to look forward to every
time. Simply outstanding.«
Denise, Oberhausen, Germany*

»You always have such great
ideas and fantastic music.«
Sabine, Herne, Germany*

»Every kind of dance fun
- as always pure genius.«
Elsbeth, Salzkotten, Germany*

»What a nice dance night«
Rebecca, Raddestorf, Germany*

»I’m completely taken.«
Monika, Bochum, Germany*

»Great fun and high spirits«
Friedjof, Paderborn, Germany*

»More than just fun. First class.«
Brigitte & Alfred, Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany*

»A wonderful afternoon.«
Christoph, Recklinghausen, Germany*

»For me personally
the week's highlight.«
Helen, Bochum, Germany*

»A great weekend.«
Ruediger, Wolzhausen, Germany*

Anke, Essen, Germany*

Joerg is looking forward to your feedback!

*Please note that the original language of these statements was German. The translation is as literal as possible. Check out the German website for the exact wording.